07/10/1988 UCI ID: 10006088752  
  Tabriz Shahrdari Team
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2018Iri Tabriz Shahrdari TeamCONT-0AllPoints
→ Contract from 29/09
2017Iri Tabriz Shahrdari TeamCONT-0AllPoints
2016Iri Tabriz Shahrdari TeamCONT-0AllPoints
→ Contract from 12/07
2014Iri Tabriz Petrochemical TeamCONT90354AllPoints
2013Tpe RTS - Santic Racing TeamCONT108037AllPoints
→ Contract from 25/06
2012Iri Azad University Cross TeamCONT27192AllPoints
2011Iri Suren Cycling TeamCONT175013AllPoints
2010Tpe Giant Asia Racing TeamCONT-0AllPoints
→ Contract until 30/06
2009Iri Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling TeamCONT-0AllPoints
→ Contract until 29/06
2008Iri Tabriz Petrochemical TeamCONT157919AllPoints
 All yearsAll Points 

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Vahid GHAFFARI tested positive for EPO in the Tour of Iran on 20 June 2014. He was suspended by the UCI for 2 years, until 11 July 2016.


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