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2013Usa Garmin - SharpPRO168414AllPoints
2012Usa Team Garmin - SharpPRO173349AllPoints
2011Usa Team Garmin - CervéloPRO389166AllPoints
2010Usa Garmin - TransitionsPRO177312AllPoints
2009Usa Garmin - SlipstreamPRO86525AllPoints
2008Usa Garmin - Chipotle presented by H3OPCT179347AllPoints
2007Den Team CSCPRO146411AllPoints
2006Den Team CSCPRO63626AllPoints
2005Den Team CSCPRO193309AllPoints
2004Usa US Postal Service presented by Berry FloorTT1241231AllPoints
2003Usa US Postal Service presented by Berry FloorTT1391143AllPoints
2002Usa US Postal ServiceTT156684AllPoints
2001Usa US Postal ServiceTT1-0AllPoints
2000Usa Seven Up - Colorado CyclistTT3101819AllPoints
1999Usa Nutra FigTT3-0AllPoints
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David ZABRISKIE admitted doping possession and use, during the USADA vs. Armstrong case in 2012. He was suspended for 6 months by the USA federation, until 1 March 2013. Zabriskie has been disqualified from his results from 31 May 2003 to 31 July 2006.


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