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2012Usa Team Type 1 - SanofiPROF308212AllPoints
2011Usa Team Type 1 - SanofiPROF293220AllPoints
2010Rus Team KatushaPRT80858AllPoints
2009Rus Team KatushaPRT71968AllPoints
2008Fra Crédit AgricolePRT419159AllPoints
2007Fra Crédit AgricolePRT119445AllPoints
2006Fra Crédit AgricolePRT213285AllPoints
2005Fra Crédit AgricolePRT187315AllPoints
2004Bel Quick Step - DavitamonTT1302189AllPoints
2003Bel Quick Step - DavitamonTT1178310AllPoints
2002Ita Mapei - Quick StepTT134737AllPoints
2001Ita Mapei - Quick StepTT178538AllPoints
2000Ita Mapei - Quick StepTT1141364AllPoints
1999Fra Saint-Quentin - Oktos - MBKTT359547AllPoints
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Hungarian Laszlo BODROGI obtained the French citizenship in January 2009, and then changed to a French licence.


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