ESP MARQUE PORTO Alejandro Manuel
  23/10/1981 UCI ID: 10003088725  
  Atum General - Tavira - Maria Nova Hotel
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2021Por Atum General - Tavira - Maria Nova HotelCONT-0AllPoints
2020Por Atum General - Tavira - Maria Nova HotelCONT53458AllPoints
2019Por Sporting - TaviraCONT100449AllPoints
2018Por Sporting - TaviraCONT322223AllPoints
2017Por Sporting - TaviraCONT451158AllPoints
2016Por LA Aluminios - AntarteCONT122631AllPoints
2015Por EfapelCONT474144AllPoints
2013Por OFM - Quinta da LixaCONT315196AllPoints
2012Por Carmim - PrioCONT384168AllPoints
2011Por OndaCONT74074AllPoints
2010Por Palmeiras Resort - PrioCONT91348AllPoints
2009Por Palmeiras Resort - PrioCONT61688AllPoints
2008Por Palmeiras Resort - TaviraCONT69785AllPoints
2007Por Madeinox - BRIC - LouleCONT139325AllPoints
2006Por Imoholding - Loule Jardim HotelCONT22915AllPoints
2005Por Carvalhelhos - BoavistaCONT-0AllPoints
2004Por Carvalhelhos - BoavistaTT3-0AllPoints
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Alejandro MARQUE tested positive for betamethasone in the Tour of Portugal in August 2013. In August 2014, he was cleared by the UCI of all charges, and was allowed to race again.


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