POR CABREIRA Joao Paulo Costa
  12/05/1982 UCI ID: 10002293830  
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2012Por Onda - BoavistaCONT-0AllPoints
2011Por OndaCONT63889AllPoints
2010Por Centro Ciclismo de Loulé - LouletanoCONT-0AllPoints
→ Contract until 25/06
2009Por Centro Ciclismo de Loulé - LouletanoCONT364172AllPoints
2008Por LA - MSSCONT74878AllPoints
2007Por LA - MSSCONT173215AllPoints
2006Por Maia MilanezaCONT251251AllPoints
2005Por Carvalhelhos - BoavistaCONT-0AllPoints
 All yearsAll Points 

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Joao CABREIRA was accused of avoiding an out of competition control in July 2008. In October, he was suspended for 10 months by the Portuguese federation, but in december he was cleared from any responsibility.
In February 2009, CABREIRA was suspended again, now for 2 years, because of "tampering with a doping control sample". He was controlled on 19 May 2008, as part of an investigation of the LA-MSS team, and it was proven that he used an enzyme, protease, to mask the presence of EPO in his urine.
In May 2009, Cabreira was cleared again by the Portuguese court, but in April 2010, the TAS confirmed the ban of 2 years, which now will end in January 2011.


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