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2008Ger GerolsteinerPRO510132AllPoints
2007Ger GerolsteinerPRO375173AllPoints
2006Ger T-Mobile TeamPRO125412AllPoints
2005Ger T-Mobile TeamPRO582106AllPoints
2004Ned Rabobank TT3TT3-0AllPoints
2003Ned Rabobank TT3TT3101924AllPoints
2002Aut Elk Haus Radteam - Sportunion SchremsTT360976AllPoints
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Bernhard KOHL, who finished third in the Tour de France of 2008, tested positive in the specific Cera-tests that were carried out two months after the Tour finished. Both his blood sample from the day before the Tour started and the one from the first Rest day showed a positive result for EPO-Cera. In November, he was suspended for 2 years by the Austrian federation, until 2 July 2010.
In June 2010, after admitting doping use from 2001 until 2008, Kohl received an additional ban for 4 years, until 4 July 2014.


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