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2015Rus Tinkoff - SaxoWTT95149AllPoints
2014Ita CannondalePRO492128AllPoints
2013Ita Cannondale Pro CyclingPRO151383AllPoints
2012Ita Liquigas - CannondalePRO87546AllPoints
2011Ita Liquigas - CannondalePRO30961AllPoints
2010Ita Liquigas - DoimoPRO26987AllPoints
2009Ita LiquigasPRO191129AllPoints
2008Ita LiquigasPRO79070AllPoints
→ Contract from 24/10
2007Usa Discovery Channel Pro Cycling TeamPRO153720AllPoints
→ Contract until 30/04
2006Den Team CSCPRO71642AllPoints
→ Contract until 17/10
2005Den Team CSCPRO91216AllPoints
2004Den Team CSCTT1111400AllPoints
2003Ita Fassa BortoloTT138777AllPoints
2002Ita Fassa BortoloTT145688AllPoints
2001Ita Fassa BortoloTT197470AllPoints
2000Ita Amica Chips - Tacconi SportTT2152330AllPoints
1999Ita Riso Scotti - VinavilTT1180261AllPoints
1998Ita Asics - CGATT1-0AllPoints
→ Trainee as from 1/09
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Ivan BASSO has admitted the attempted use of doping (case Operacion Puertos) in May 2007. He was suspended for 2 years by the Italian federation, until 24 October 2008.


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