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  Nbr   Start date   End date   Cat.       Name   Stages   Site  
124/05/201926/05/20192.2Fra A Travers les Hauts de FranceStagesURL
223/07/201928/07/20192.1Ita Adriatica Ionica RaceStages 
317/03/2019 CCT2Eth African Cycling Championships (Sebat Amit - Debre Mayi) I.T.T.  
415/03/2019 CCT2Eth African Cycling Championships (Sebat Amit - Debre Mayi) T.T.T.  
519/03/2019 CC2Eth African Cycling Championships (Sebat Amit) R.R.  
626/08/2019 XXMar All-Africa Games (Rabat) I.T.T.  
729/08/2019 XXMar All-Africa Games (Rabat) R.R.  
824/08/2019 XXMar All-Africa Games (Rabat) T.T.T.  
921/04/2019 1.WT2Ned Amstel Gold Race URL
108/09/2019 1.1Bel Antwerp Port Classic  
1111/08/2019 1.2Bel Antwerpse Havenpijl  
1215/08/201918/08/20192.HCNor Arctic Race of NorwayStages 
1320/04/2019 1.2Ned Arno Wallaard Memorial  
1425/04/2019 CCT2Uzb Asian Cycling Championships (Gazalkent) I.T.T. URL
1528/04/2019 CC2Uzb Asian Cycling Championships (Gazalkent) R.R. URL
1623/04/2019 CCT2Uzb Asian Cycling Championships (Gazalkent) T.T.T. URL

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