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  Nbr   Start date   End date   Cat.       Name   Stages   Site  
12/07/2019 1.2Ita Trofeo Citta di Brescia  
22/07/20196/07/20192.2Pol Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions OlympiquesStagesURL
33/07/20197/07/20192.1Rou Sibiu Cycling TourStages 
44/07/2019 NCT5Alb National Championships Albania (Tirana) I.T.T.  
55/07/2019 NCT5Tha National Championships Thailand (Rayong) I.T.T.  
66/07/2019 NC5Alb National Championships Albania (Tirana) R.R.  
76/07/2019 NCT5Bah National Championships Bahamas (Heritage Park, Nassau) I.T.T.  
86/07/20197/07/20192.2Bul In the Steps of RomansStages 
96/07/201912/07/20192.1Aut Österreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of AustriaStages 
106/07/201928/07/2019GT1Fra Tour de FranceStagesURL
117/07/2019 NC5Lbn National Championships Lebanon (Zaarour) R.R  
127/07/2019 NC5Sin National Championships Singapore (Pulau Bintan, INA) R.R.  
137/07/2019 NC5Bah National Championships Bahamas (Heritage Park, Nassau) R.R.  
147/07/2019 1.2Can Delta Road Race  
157/07/2019 NC5Tha National Championships Thailand (Rayong) R.R.  
167/07/2019 NC5Aia National Championships Anguilla R.R.  
179/07/201914/07/20192.2Ven Vuelta a MirandaStages 
1811/07/201914/07/20192.2Por GP Torres Vedras - Trofeu Joaquim AgostinhoStages 
1912/07/2019 1.2Usa Chrono Kristin Armstrong  
2012/07/2019 NCT5Ina National Championships Indonesia (Lubuklinggau) I.T.T.  
2113/07/2019 1.2Gua GP Guatemala  
2213/07/2019 NC5Ina National Championships Indonesia (Lubuklinggau) R.R.  
2313/07/2019 NC5Smr National Championships San Marino (Faetano) R.R.  
2414/07/2019 NC5Nca National Championships Nicaragua (El Viejo) R.R.  
2514/07/2019 1.2Ita Giro del Medio Brenta  
2614/07/2019 1.2Gua GP Chapin  
2714/07/2019 NC5Mlt National Championships Malta R.R.  
2814/07/201927/07/20192.HCChn Tour of Qinghai LakeStages 
2916/07/201921/07/20192.2UIta Giro della Valle d'Aosta Mont BlancStages 
3017/07/201924/07/20192.2Ven Vuelta a VenezuelaStages 
3118/07/2019 NCT4Alg National Championships Algeria (Mascara) I.T.T.  
3220/07/2019 1.2Hun V4 Special Series Debrecen - Nyiregyhaza  
3320/07/2019 NC4Alg National Championships Algeria (Mascara) R.R.  
3421/07/2019 1.2Hun V4 Special Series Debrecen - Ibrany  
3521/07/2019 1.2Jpn Tokyo 2020 Test Event  
3621/07/2019 NC5Cay National Championships Cayman Islands (Frank Sound) R.R.  
3722/07/2019 1.2Mar Challenge du Prince - Trophée Princier  
3823/07/2019 NCT5Phi National Championships Philippines (Tagaytay City) I.T.T.  
3923/07/201928/07/20192.1Ita Adriatica Ionica RaceStages 
4024/07/2019 NC5Phi National Championships Philippines (Tagaytay City) R.R.  
4124/07/2019 1.2Mar Challenge du Prince - Trophée de l'Anniversaire  
4224/07/201927/07/20192.2Pol Dookola MazowszaStages 
4325/07/2019 1.2Mar Challenge du Prince - Trophée de la Maison Royale  
4425/07/2019 1.1Esp Prueba Villafranca - Ordiziako Klasika  
4525/07/2019 1.1Bel GP Pino Cerami  
4626/07/2019 1.2Hun GP Gemenc I  
4726/07/201928/07/20192.2Kos Tour of KosovoStages 
4827/07/2019 1.2Hun GP Gemenc II  
4927/07/2019 NC5Tan National Championships Tanzania R.R.  
5027/07/2019 NC5Uzb National Championships Uzbekistan R.R.  
5127/07/2019 NC5And National Championships Andorra (Ordino) R.R.  
5227/07/2019 NCT5And National Championships Andorra (Anyos Park) I.T.T.  
5327/07/201931/07/20192.HCBel Tour de WallonieStages 
5428/07/2019 1.2Fra GP de la Ville de Pérenchies  
5528/07/2019 NCT5Tan National Championships Tanzania I.T.T.  
5628/07/2019 NCT5Uzb National Championships Uzbekistan I.T.T.  
5728/07/2019 NCT5Cay National Championships Cayman Islands (Frank Sound) I.T.T.  
5830/07/20192/08/20192.2Srb Tour de SerbiaStages 
5931/07/2019 1.1Esp Circuito de Getxo - Memorial Hermanos Otxoa  
6031/07/20194/08/20192.2Fra Tour AlsaceStages 
6131/07/201911/08/20192.1Por Volta a PortugalStages 

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