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  Nbr   Start date   End date   Cat.       Name   Stages   Site  
12/11/2016 1.2Chn Tour of Yancheng Costal Wetlands  
23/11/2016 NC5Vie National Championships Vietnam (Hoa Binh) R.R.  
35/11/201613/11/20162.1Chn Tour of Taihu LakeStages 
46/11/2016 NC5Bot National Championships Botswana (Taung) R.R.  
56/11/2016 NCT5Ind National Championships India (Aligahr) I.T.T.  
68/11/2016 NC5Ind National Championships India (Aligahr) R.R.  
713/11/2016 1.2Jpn Tour de Okinawa  
813/11/201620/11/20162.2Rwa Tour du RwandaStages 
916/11/201620/11/20162.1Chn Tour of FuzhouStages 
1019/11/2016 NCT5Gab National Championships Gabon (Libreville) I.T.T.  
1120/11/2016 NCT5Hon National Championships Honduras (Canal Seco) I.T.T.  
1220/11/2016 NC5Gab National Championships Gabon (Libreville) R.R.  
1326/11/2016 NCT5Pak National Championships Pakistan (Islamabad) I.T.T.  
1427/11/2016 NC5Pak National Championships Pakistan (Islamabad) R.R.  

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