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  Nbr   Start date   End date   Cat.       Name   Stages   Site  
13/11/2007 NCT4Par National Championships Paraguay (Emboscada) I.T.T.  
23/11/200710/11/20072.1Chn Tour of HainanStagesURL
34/11/2007 NCT4Ant National Championships Antigua and Barbuda R.R.  
44/11/2007 NC4Nca National Championships Nicaragua R.R.  
55/11/200710/11/20072.2Nzl Tour of SouthlandStagesURL
66/11/200711/11/20072.2Bol Doble Copacabana GP FidesStagesURL
79/11/2007 CCTCmr African Cycling Championships (Yaoundé) I.T.T.  
811/11/2007 CCCmr African Cycling Championships (Yaoundé) R.R.  
911/11/2007 1.2Jpn Tour de Okinawa URL
1011/11/2007 NCT4Lib National Championships Lebanon I.T.T.  
1115/11/200725/11/20072.2Bra Tour de Santa CatarinaStagesURL
1217/11/200725/11/20072.2Ecu Vuelta al EcuadorStagesURL
1318/11/2007 NC4Lib National Championships Lebanon R.R.  
1421/11/2007 NCT4Sur National Championships Suriname (Paramaribo) I.T.T.  
1524/11/2007 NCT4Zim National Championships Zimbabwe I.T.T.  
1624/11/2007 NCT4Nca National Championships Nicaragua I.T.T.  

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