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11/06/2004 1.3Usa Wachovia International  
22/06/20046/06/20042.1Esp Euskal BizikletaStages 
33/06/2004 1.3Usa Wachovia Classic  
45/06/2004 1.1Fra Classique des Alpes  
56/06/2004 1.2Usa Wachovia USPRO Championships  
66/06/2004 1.5Bel Mémorial Philippe Van Coningsloo  
76/06/200413/06/20042.HCFra Critérium du Dauphiné LibéréStagesURL
87/06/200413/06/20042.2Aut Österreich-Rundfahrt - Wiesbauer TourStages 
98/06/200413/06/20042.5Pol Baltyk - Karkonosze TourStages 
109/06/2004 NCT2Ned National Championships Netherlands (Bergeyk) I.T.T.  
119/06/200413/06/20042.5Nor Ringerike GPStages 
1211/06/200420/06/20042.5Tun Tour de TunisieStages 
1312/06/200420/06/20042.HCSui Tour de SuisseStagesURL
1412/06/200418/06/20042.5Kor Tour de KoreaStages 
1513/06/2004 NCT1Ger National Championships Germany (Herrenberg) I.T.T.  
1613/06/2004 NCT4Jpn National Championships Japan (Ogata) I.T.T.  
1713/06/2004 NC4Ber National Championships Bermuda R.R.  
1814/06/200420/06/20042.HCEsp Volta a CatalunyaStagesURL
1915/06/200420/06/20042.3Can GP de BeauceStages 
2015/06/200420/06/20042.5Scg Tour de SerbieStages 
2116/06/200420/06/20042.3Ned Ster ElektrotoerStages 
2216/06/200422/06/20042.5Esp Circuito MontañesStages 
2317/06/2004 NCT2Usa National Championships United States (Redlands) I.T.T.  
2419/06/2004 1.5Ita GP Industria e Commercio Artigianato Carnaghese  
2519/06/200422/06/20042.3Fra Route du SudStages 
2620/06/2004 1.5Ita Giro d'Oro  
2722/06/2004 NCT1Ita National Championships Italy (Terra di Pisa) I.T.T.  
2823/06/2004 1.3Ned Noord Nederland Tour  
2923/06/2004 NCT2Sui National Championships Switzerland (Pfaffnau) I.T.T.  
3023/06/2004 NCT3Swe National Championships Sweden (Sollerön) I.T.T.  
3123/06/2004 1.5Bel Brussel - Ingooigem  
3224/06/2004 NCT1Fra National Championships France (Pont-du-Fossé) I.T.T.  
3324/06/2004 NCT3Cze National Championships Czech Republic (Brno) I.T.T.  
3424/06/2004 NCT3Nor National Championships Norway (Stjordal) I.T.T.  
3524/06/2004 NCT3Rus National Championships Russia (Samara) I.T.T.  
3624/06/2004 NCT4Hun National Championships Hungary (Gyor) I.T.T.  
3724/06/2004 NCT4Svk National Championships Slovakia (Brno) I.T.T.  
3824/06/2004 NCT4Bra National Championships Brazil (Caneiras) I.T.T.  
3924/06/2004 NCT4Can National Championships Canada (Kamloops) I.T.T.  
4025/06/2004 NCT1Esp National Championships Spain (Torrelavega - Altamira) I.T.T.  
4125/06/2004 NCT2Den National Championships Denmark (Hadsten) I.T.T.  
4225/06/2004 NCT3Aut National Championships Austria I.T.T.  
4325/06/2004 NCT3Est National Championships Estonia I.T.T.  
4425/06/2004 NCT3Pol National Championships Poland (Lubniewice) I.T.T.  
4525/06/2004 NCT3Por National Championships Portugal (Santa Maria da Feira) I.T.T.  
4625/06/2004 NCT3Slo National Championships Slovenia I.T.T.  
4725/06/2004 NCT3Ukr National Championships Ukraine I.T.T.  
4825/06/2004 NCT3Kaz National Championships Kazakhstan (Almaty) I.T.T.  
4925/06/2004 NCT4Bul National Championships Bulgaria I.T.T.  
5025/06/2004 NCT4Cro National Championships Croatia I.T.T.  
5125/06/2004 NCT4Gre National Championships Greece I.T.T.  
5225/06/2004 NCT4Lat National Championships Latvia I.T.T.  
5325/06/2004 NCT4Ltu National Championships Lithuania I.T.T.  
5425/06/2004 NCT4Scg National Championships Serbia and Montenegro I.T.T.  
5525/06/2004 NCT4Uzb National Championships Uzbekistan I.T.T.  
5625/06/2004 NCT4Kgz National Championships Kyrgyzstan I.T.T.  
5726/06/2004 NCT3Lux National Championships Luxembourg (Luxembourg) I.T.T.  
5826/06/2004 1.5Bel Omloop Het Volk U23  
5926/06/2004 NCT4Crc National Championships Costa Rica I.T.T.  
6027/06/2004 NC1Bel National Championships Belgium (Tessenderlo) R.R.  
6127/06/2004 NC1Fra National Championships France (Pont-du-Fossé) R.R.  
6227/06/2004 NC1Ita National Championships Italy (Santa Croce sull'Arno) R.R.  
6327/06/2004 NC1Esp National Championships Spain (Santander - Cabarceno) R.R.  
6427/06/2004 NC1Ger National Championships Germany (Freiburg) R.R.  
6527/06/2004 NC2Ned National Championships Netherlands (Rotterdam) R.R.  
6627/06/2004 NC2Den National Championships Denmark (Hadsten) R.R.  
6727/06/2004 NC2Sui National Championships Switzerland (Pfaffnau) R.R.  
6827/06/2004 NC3Aut National Championships Austria R.R.  
6927/06/2004 NC3Cze National Championships Czech Republic (Brno) R.R.  
7027/06/2004 NC3Est National Championships Estonia R.R.  
7127/06/2004 NC3Gbr National Championships Great Britain (Newport) R.R.  
7227/06/2004 NC3Lux National Championships Luxembourg (Luxembourg) R.R.  
7327/06/2004 NC3Nor National Championships Norway R.R.  
7427/06/2004 NC3Pol National Championships Poland (Gorzow Wielkopolski) R.R.  
7527/06/2004 NC3Por National Championships Portugal (Santa Maria da Feira) R.R.  
7627/06/2004 NC3Rus National Championships Russia R.R.  
7727/06/2004 NC3Slo National Championships Slovenia R.R.  
7827/06/2004 NC3Swe National Championships Sweden (Sollerön) R.R.  
7927/06/2004 NC3Ukr National Championships Ukraine R.R.  
8027/06/2004 NC3Kaz National Championships Kazakhstan (Almaty) R.R.  
8127/06/2004 NC4Bul National Championships Bulgaria R.R.  
8227/06/2004 NC4Cro National Championships Croatia R.R.  
8327/06/2004 NC4Gre National Championships Greece R.R.  
8427/06/2004 NC4Hun National Championships Hungary (Mosonmagyarovar) R.R.  
8527/06/2004 NC4Irl National Championships Ireland (Sligo) R.R.  
8627/06/2004 NC4Lat National Championships Latvia R.R.  
8727/06/2004 NC4Ltu National Championships Lithuania R.R.  
8827/06/2004 NC4Svk National Championships Slovakia R.R.  
8927/06/2004 NC4Scg National Championships Serbia and Montenegro R.R.  
9027/06/2004 NC4Bur National Championships Burkina Faso R.R.  
9127/06/2004 NC4Bra National Championships Brazil (Caneiras) R.R.  
9227/06/2004 NC4Can National Championships Canada (Kamloops) R.R.  
9327/06/2004 NC4Crc National Championships Costa Rica R.R.  
9427/06/2004 NC4Uzb National Championships Uzbekistan R.R.  
9527/06/2004 NC4Kgz National Championships Kyrgyzstan R.R.  
9627/06/2004 NC4Blr National Championships Belarus () R.R.  
9727/06/2004 NCT4Blr National Championships Belarus () I.T.T.  
9830/06/20044/07/20042.3Pol Course de Solidarnosc et des Champions OlympiquesStages 

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