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11/06/1999 1.3Usa First Union Invitational - Lancaster  
21/06/19996/06/19992.5Esp Vuelta a NavarraStages 
33/06/1999 1.3Usa First Union Classic - Trenton  
45/06/1999 1.1Fra Classique des Alpes  
55/06/1999 1.5Den Lemvig - Holstebro - Lemvig  
66/06/1999 1.2Usa First Union USPRO Championships  
76/06/1999 1.5Bel Mémorial Philippe van Coningsloo  
86/06/1999 1.5Den Fyn Rundt  
96/06/1999 1.5Ned Ronde van Limburg  
106/06/1999 NCT2Ger National Championships Germany I.T.T.  
116/06/199913/06/19992.HCFra Dauphiné LibéréStages 
127/06/199913/06/19992.4Aut Österreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of AustriaStages 
1310/06/199913/06/19992.2Lux Tour de LuxembourgStages 
1411/06/1999 XXJpn Asian Cycling Championships (Tsumagoi) I.T.T.  
1512/06/1999 1.5Ita Coppa delle Nazioni - Memorial Fausto Coppi  
1612/06/199913/06/19992.5Ned OZ WielerweekendStages 
1713/06/1999 1.2Ita Giro dell'Appennino  
1813/06/1999 1.5Slo GP Krka  
1913/06/1999 1.5Sui Schynberg-Rundfahrt  
2013/06/1999 XXJpn Asian Cycling Championships (Tsumagoi) R.R.  
2113/06/199927/06/19992.5Col Vuelta a ColombiaStages 
2215/06/199924/06/19992.HCSui Tour de SuisseStages 
2315/06/199920/06/19992.4Can GP de BeauceStages 
2416/06/199920/06/19992.4Swe Tour of SwedenStages 
2517/06/199924/06/19992.HCEsp Volta a CatalunyaStages 
2618/06/199920/06/19992.5Slo GP KranjStages 
2719/06/1999 1.5Ned Ronde van Drenthe  
2819/06/199922/06/19992.3Fra Route du SudStages 
2920/06/1999 1.5Gbr Isle of Man Mountain T.T.  
3022/06/1999 NCT3Gbr National Championships Great Britain I.T.T.  
3123/06/1999 1.5Bel Omloop van de Westkust - De Panne  
3224/06/1999 NCT4Alg National Championships Algeria I.T.T.  
3324/06/1999 NCT4Arg National Championships Argentina (Concepcion) I.T.T.  
3424/06/1999 NCT4Blr National Championships Belarus I.T.T.  
3524/06/1999 NCT3Col National Championships Colombia I.T.T.  
3624/06/1999 NCT4Cro National Championships Croatia I.T.T.  
3724/06/1999 NCT4Cub National Championships Cuba I.T.T.  
3824/06/1999 NCT3Cze National Championships Czech Republic I.T.T.  
3924/06/1999 NCT4Egy National Championships Egypt I.T.T.  
4024/06/1999 NCT1Fra National Championships France (Charade) I.T.T.  
4124/06/1999 NCT4Gre National Championships Greece I.T.T.  
4224/06/1999 NCT4Hkg National Championships Hong Kong I.T.T.  
4324/06/1999 NCT4Hun National Championships Hungary I.T.T.  
4424/06/1999 NCT4Irl National Championships Ireland I.T.T.  
4524/06/1999 NCT4Lux National Championships Luxembourg I.T.T.  
4624/06/1999 NCT4Mex National Championships Mexico I.T.T.  
4724/06/1999 NCT3Pol National Championships Poland (Ustron) I.T.T.  
4824/06/1999 NCT4Rou National Championships Romania I.T.T.  
4924/06/1999 NCT2Rus National Championships Russia I.T.T.  
5024/06/1999 NCT3Ukr National Championships Ukraine I.T.T.  
5124/06/1999 NCT4Uzb National Championships Uzbekistan I.T.T.  
5224/06/1999 NCT3Ven National Championships Venezuela I.T.T.  
5324/06/1999 NCT4Yug National Championships Yugoslavia I.T.T.  
5424/06/1999 NCT4Per National Championships Peru I.T.T.  
5524/06/1999 NCT4Isr National Championships Israel I.T.T.  
5624/06/1999 NCT4Iri National Championships Iran I.T.T.  
5725/06/1999 1.5Gbr Manx International  
5825/06/1999 NCT4Can National Championships Canada I.T.T.  
5925/06/1999 NCT2Den National Championships Denmark (Ringsted) I.T.T.  
6025/06/1999 NCT3Est National Championships Estonia (Karksi-Nuia) I.T.T.  
6125/06/1999 NCT3Kaz National Championships Kazakhstan I.T.T.  
6225/06/1999 NCT3Est National Championships Latvia (Karksi-Nuia) I.T.T.  
6325/06/1999 NCT3Est National Championships Lithuania (Karksi-Nuia) I.T.T.  
6425/06/1999 NCT4Svk National Championships Slovakia (Krupina) I.T.T.  
6525/06/1999 NCT3Slo National Championships Slovenia (Ptuj) I.T.T.  
6625/06/1999 NCT1Esp National Championships Spain (Cordoba) I.T.T.  
6725/06/1999 NCT3Swe National Championships Sweden (Uppsala) I.T.T.  
6826/06/1999 NCT3Aut National Championships Austria (Salzburg) I.T.T.  
6926/06/1999 NC3Est National Championships Estonia (Otepaa) R.R.  
7027/06/1999 NC4Alg National Championships Algeria R.R.  
7127/06/1999 NC4Arg National Championships Argentina (Concepcion) R.R.  
7227/06/1999 NC3Aut National Championships Austria (Neumarkt am Wallersee) R.R.  
7327/06/1999 NC4Blr National Championships Belarus R.R.  
7427/06/1999 NC1Bel National Championships Belgium (Geraardsbergen) R.R.  
7527/06/1999 NC4Bur National Championships Burkina Faso R.R.  
7627/06/1999 NC4Can National Championships Canada R.R.  
7727/06/1999 NC3Col National Championships Colombia R.R.  
7827/06/1999 NC4Cro National Championships Croatia R.R.  
7927/06/1999 NC4Cub National Championships Cuba R.R.  
8027/06/1999 NC3Cze National Championships Czech Republic (Zdar nad Sazavou) R.R.  
8127/06/1999 NC2Den National Championships Denmark (Ringsted) R.R.  
8227/06/1999 NC4Egy National Championships Egypt R.R.  
8327/06/1999 NC1Fra National Championships France (Charade) R.R.  
8427/06/1999 NC2Ger National Championships Germany (Sankt-Wendel) R.R.  
8527/06/1999 NC3Gbr National Championships Great Britain (Solihull) R.R.  
8627/06/1999 NC4Gre National Championships Greece R.R.  
8727/06/1999 NC4Hkg National Championships Hong Kong R.R.  
8827/06/1999 NC4Hun National Championships Hungary R.R.  
8927/06/1999 NC4Irl National Championships Ireland R.R.  
9027/06/1999 NC4Isr National Championships Israel R.R.  
9127/06/1999 NC1Ita National Championships Italy (Arona) R.R.  
9227/06/1999 NC3Kaz National Championships Kazakhstan R.R.  
9327/06/1999 NC3Lat National Championships Latvia R.R.  
9427/06/1999 NC3Ltu National Championships Lithuania R.R.  
9527/06/1999 NC4Lux National Championships Luxembourg (Dudelange) R.R.  
9627/06/1999 NC4Mex National Championships Mexico R.R.  
9727/06/1999 NC4Mda National Championships Moldova R.R.  
9827/06/1999 NC2Ned National Championships Netherlands (Gulpen) R.R.  
9927/06/1999 NC3Pol National Championships Poland (Ustron) R.R.  
10027/06/1999 NC3Por National Championships Portugal (Esposende) R.R.  
10127/06/1999 NC2Rus National Championships Russia (Nizhni Novgorod) R.R.  
10227/06/1999 NC4Svk National Championships Slovakia (Krupina) R.R.  
10327/06/1999 NC3Slo National Championships Slovenia (Ptuj) R.R.  
10427/06/1999 NC1Esp National Championships Spain (Cordoba) R.R.  
10527/06/1999 NC1Sui National Championships Switzerland (Maerstetten) R.R.  
10627/06/1999 NC3Ukr National Championships Ukraine R.R.  
10727/06/1999 NC4Uzb National Championships Uzbekistan R.R.  
10827/06/1999 NC3Ven National Championships Venezuela R.R.  
10927/06/1999 NC4Yug National Championships Yugoslavia R.R.  
11027/06/1999 NC4Alb National Championships Albania R.R.  
11127/06/1999 NC4Gua National Championships Guatemala R.R.  
11227/06/1999 NC4Tun National Championships Tunisia R.R.  
11327/06/1999 NC4Per National Championships Peru R.R.  
11427/06/1999 NC4Iri National Championships Iran R.R.  
11528/06/1999 NCT2Usa National Championships United States I.T.T.  
11629/06/1999 NCT4Mda National Championships Moldova I.T.T.  
11730/06/1999 NCT4Fin National Championships Finland (Kangasala) I.T.T.  
11830/06/1999 NCT4Nor National Championships Norway (Tonsberg) I.T.T.  

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