Usa Mercury Cycling Team (MCT) - TT3
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Team Victory Ranking

  Date       Rider   Cat.       Race  
 27/10/2002AUS VOGELS Henk2.3sAus Herald Sun Tour, Stage 10 : Geelong Circuit 
 18/08/2002AUS VOGELS Henk1.3Usa USPRO Criterium Championship 
 4/08/2002USA DANIELSON Tom2.5Chn Tour of Qinghai Lake 
 2/08/2002USA DANIELSON Tom2.5sChn Tour of Qinghai Lake, Stage 7 : Gui De - Xining 
 30/07/2002USA DANIELSON Tom2.5sChn Tour of Qinghai Lake, Stage 4 : Qinghai Lake Hotel - Qinghai Lake Hotel I.T.T 
 22/06/2002CAN FRASER Gordon2.3sCan GP de Beauce, Stage 5b : Saint-Georges Criterium 
 6/06/2002CAN FRASER Gordon1.3Usa First Union Classic - Trenton 
  Total: 7  

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