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      Rider   Date of birth   A   B   C   D           Comments
DEN ADAMSEN Maja Watt07/09/197823818--  
RUS ANTOSHINA Tatiana27/07/19821314324721  Contract from 1/07
GER BAHLER Liane22/01/19821692812562 Contract from 1/07
GER BECKER Charlotte19/05/1983156339296 Contract from 1/07
RUS BOYARSKAYA Natalia27/02/19831075790102  Contract from 1/07
ITA BRUNATI Daniela15/01/1975----  Contract until 30/06
NZL BUICK Johanna23/12/19762906--  
USA CAMPBELL Rook21/10/1976---- Contract until 30/06
GER EIFLER Elena18/11/198117528--  Contract until 30/06
ITA LANCIONI Barbara17/09/19818093--  Contract from 1/07
ITA LAVORINI Marzia26/05/1973----  Contract until 30/06
ITA LAZZARO Ilenia27/12/1981---- 
ITA LECHNER Eva01/07/1985--4753
ITA MARCON Giuliana19/08/1985----  Contract from 1/07
RUS MARTISOVA Julia15/06/197655146--  Contract until 30/06
FRA PARSY Aline05/11/1981----  Contract until 30/06
ITA RAGGIANTE Sabrina29/10/1968----  
ITA RINALDI Ilaria25/02/198526312--  Contract from 1/07
RUS SLYUSAREVA Olga28/04/19695315218497  Contract from 1/07
RUS STOLBOVA (BUBNENKOVA) Svetlana02/01/197369885958  
RUS STRAMOYSOVA Elena21/06/1985--14747  Contract until 30/06
UZB ZABELINSKAYA Olga10/05/1980--19229 Contract until 30/06
RUS ZEMLYANSKAYA Irina21/04/1987----  Contract from 1/07
  Number of riders: 23  

(A) Ranking at the beginning of 2006.
(B) Points at the beginning of 2006.
(C) Ranking at the end of 2006).
(D) Points at the end of 2006).

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