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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2019 Monkey Town - à Bloc CT
 12/10/20191.1Ned 71Tacx Pro Classic / Ronde van Zeeland0 
 27/07/20192.HCChn 83Tour of Qinghai Lake0 
 30/06/2019NC1Ned 51National Championships Netherlands (Ede) R.R.0 
 23/06/20192.1Ned 71Ster ZLM Tour0 
 11/05/20191.2Ned 12Zuidenveld Tour0 
  Total 2019: 0  
2018 Monkey Town Continental Team
 18/11/20182.1Chn 46Tour of Fuzhou0 
 31/10/20182.HCChn 73Tour of Hainan0 
 22/08/20181.1Ned 76Veenendaal - Veenendaal Classic0 
 4/08/20182.HCChn 59Tour of Qinghai Lake0 
 1/08/20182.HCsChn 18Tour of Qinghai Lake, Stage 10 : Minqin - Tengger0 
 8/07/20182.1Rou 18Sibiu Cycling Tour7 
 8/07/20182.1sRou 7Sibiu Cycling Tour, Stage 3a : Cisnadie - Sibiu T.T.T.0 
 6/07/20182.1sRou 20Sibiu Cycling Tour, Stage 1 : Sibiu - Balea Lac0 
 5/07/20182.1sRou 10Sibiu Cycling Tour, Prologue : Sibiu I.T.T.0 
 1/07/2018NC1Ned 27National Championships Netherlands (Hoogerheide) R.R.5 
 17/06/20181.1Den 34GP Horsens0 
 16/06/20181.1Den 19Fyn Rundt5 
 10/06/20181.1Bel 28Ronde van Limburg0 
 3/06/20182.1Pol 17Szlakiem walk majora Hubala8 
 3/06/20182.1sPol 13Szlakiem walk majora Hubala, Stage 4 : Radoszyce - Konskie0 
 2/06/20182.1sPol 2Szlakiem walk majora Hubala, Stage 2 : Skarzysko Kamienna - Kazimierza Wielka10 
 20/05/20182.2Fra 5Paris - Arras Tour9 
 19/05/20182.2sFra 5Paris - Arras Tour, Stage 2 : Lens - Liévin0 
 21/04/20181.2Ned 7Arno Wallaard Memorial4 
 31/03/20181.1Ned 64Volta Limburg Classic0 
 11/03/20181.HCNed 25Ronde van Drenthe5 
 25/02/20182.2Tur 5Tour of Antalya9 
 23/02/20182.2sTur leaderTour of Antalya, Stage 2 : Antalya - Antalya2 
 23/02/20182.2sTur 1Tour of Antalya, Stage 2 : Antalya - Antalya4 
  Total 2018: 68  
  Overall total: 68  

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