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RWA ARERUYA Joseph00/00/199687365263256  Contract from 1/04
FRA COMBAUD Romain01/04/1991428169349203  
FRA DE ROSSI Lucas16/08/199524765164118  
FRA DI GREGORIO Rémy31/07/1985538131340205 Contract until 31/05
FRA EL FARES Julien01/06/1985440163146223  
ITA FEDELI Alessandro02/03/199615602094058  Trainee as from 31/07
ESP FERNANDEZ CRUZ Delio17/02/198648014995556 
ITA FILOSI Iuri17/01/1992246271110044 
ITA FINETTO Mauro10/05/1985107502250268 
FRA GUERIN Alexis06/06/1992157619197111 Contract from 28/06
AUS JONES Brenton12/12/199169296286241
POL KASPERKIEWICZ Przemyslaw01/03/1994145324176315 
FRA LEVEAU Jérémy17/04/199228124388864 
ESP MADRAZO RUIZ Angel30/07/1988444162496145 
FRA MARTINEZ Yannick04/05/1988133529125134  
FRA MEYER Robin22/03/1996--168317  Trainee as from 31/07
BUL MIHAYLOV Nikolay08/04/1988107645585116  
ESP MORENO BAZAN Javier18/07/198472589181342 
FRA ROCHAS Rémy18/05/199622367184814 Trainee as from 31/07
COL RODRIGUEZ SALAZAR Jhon Anderson12/10/199616641728403 Contract until 31/05
LTU SISKEVICIUS Evaldas30/12/19887628371891  
LAT SMUKULIS Gatis15/04/1987189211151521 
FRA TRARIEUX Julien19/08/1992--188313 
  Number of riders: 23  

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