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  Date   Cat.       Rank   Race   CQ  
2002 Mapei - Quick Step (Contract from 1/08)
Mapei - Quick Step - Latexco (Contract until 31/07)
 20/10/20021.3Fra 2Chrono des Herbiers36 
 13/10/2002WCRRBel 148World Championships (Zolder) R.R.10 
 10/10/2002WCTTBel 9World Championships (Zolder) I.T.T.53 
 29/09/2002NCT2Sui 1National Championships Switzerland (Orbe) I.T.T.40 
 21/09/20021.1Fra 8GP des Nations35 
 25/08/20021.2Bel 1GP Eddy Merckx40 
 14/07/20022.5sCze 1Bohemia Tour, Stage 3 : Zrbrak - Zrbrak I.T.T.4 
 30/06/2002NC2Sui 12National Championships Switzerland (Elgg) R.R.5 
 16/06/20022.2Aut 14Österreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of Austria18 
 12/06/20022.2sAut leaderÖsterreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of Austria, Stage 3 : Schwaz - Innervillgraten6 
 11/06/20022.2sAut leaderÖsterreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of Austria, Stage 2 : Reutte - Schwaz6 
 10/06/20022.2sAut leaderÖsterreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of Austria, Stage 1b : Reutte - Reutte6 
 10/06/20022.2sAut leaderÖsterreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of Austria, Stage 1a : Reutte I.T.T.6 
 10/06/20022.2sAut 1Österreich-Rundfahrt / Tour of Austria, Stage 1a : Reutte I.T.T.20 
 20/05/20021.5Sui 2GP Winterthur9 
 12/05/20021.3Sui 7Berner Rundfahrt18 
 5/05/20021.3Den 9CSC Classic - GP Aarhus12 
 1/05/20022.5Fra 6Circuit des Mines11 
 20/04/20021.5Ned 1ZLM Tour15 
 24/03/20021.3Sui 8Stausee Rundfahrt15 
 17/03/20022.3Ned 1GP Erik Breukink100 
 17/03/20022.3sNed 1GP Erik Breukink, Stage 3b : Bladel - Bladel I.T.T.15 
 24/02/20022.3Gre 1Tour of Rhodes100 
 23/02/20022.3sGre leaderTour of Rhodes, Stage 3 : Rhodes - Rhodes5 
 22/02/20022.3sGre leaderTour of Rhodes, Stage 2 : Rhodes - Rhodes5 
 21/02/20022.3sGre leaderTour of Rhodes, Stage 1 : Rhodes - Rhodes5 
 20/02/20022.3sGre leaderTour of Rhodes, Prologue : Rhodes I.T.T.5 
 20/02/20022.3sGre 1Tour of Rhodes, Prologue : Rhodes I.T.T.15 
  Total 2002: 615  

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