UKR DYUDYA Volodymyr
Team Lvshan Landscape
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2016Chn Team Lvshan LandscapeCONT-0AllPoints
2015Chn China Continental Team of Gansu BankCONT29871AllPoints
→ Contract from 16/06
Chn China Cooperation Development Cycling TeamCONT
→ Contract until 15/06
2014Chn Gan Su Sports LotteryCONT180111AllPoints
→ Contract from 20/06
2009Ita ISD - NeriPROF-0AllPoints
→ Contract until 30/06
2008Ger Team MilramPRT24695AllPoints
2007Ita Team MilramPRT81666AllPoints
2006Ita Team MilramPRT125929AllPoints
2005Ita Domina VacanzePRT-0AllPoints
→ Trainee as from 1/08
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