Veranclassic - Ago
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Crelan - Euphony
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2016Bel Veranclassic - AgoCONT-0AllPoints
2015Bel Veranclassic - EkoiCONT24425AllPoints
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2014Bel Josan - ToWin Cycling TeamCONT-0AllPoints
2013Bel Crelan - EuphonyPROF24115AllPoints
2012Bel Landbouwkrediet - EuphonyPROF177912AllPoints
2011Bel LandbouwkredietPROF-0AllPoints
2010Bel Qin Cycling TeamCONT-0AllPoints
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Jonathan BREYNE tested positive for Clenbuterol in the Tour of Taihu Lake on 5 November 2013. In April 2014, he was cleared by the UCI, because the presence of clenbuterol may have resulted from the consumption of contaminated meat in China.


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