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  Date       Rider   Cat.       Race  
 11/08/2011GRE TAMOURIDIS Ioannis2.2sRou Tour of Szeklerland, Stage 1 : Tusnad - Csikszereda 
 23/07/2011GRE TAMOURIDIS IoannisNC5Gre National Championships Greece (Malakasa) R.R. 
 22/07/2011GRE TAMOURIDIS IoannisNCT5Gre National Championships Greece (Malakasa) I.T.T. 
 5/06/2011GRE TAMOURIDIS Ioannis2.2sRou Turul al Romaniei / Romanian Tour, Stage 3 : Braila - Vaslui 
 14/04/2011GRE TAMOURIDIS Ioannis2.2sGre Tour of Hellas, Stage 2a : Archagellos I.T.T. 
 10/03/2011GRE TAMOURIDIS Ioannis2.2sMas Jelajah Malaysia, Stage 3 : Kluang - Kuala Rompin 
  Total: 6  

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